Meast And Least For Super Bowl XLVII

02.04.13 5 years ago 32 Comments

The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of Super Bowl XLVII is Anquan Boldin, who had six catches for 104 yards and the game’s opening score. Joe Flacco won Super Bowl MVP, and there’s no gripe with that. He had a great game with great stats, which was in keeping with his stellar performance for the postseason throughout. Flacco also slid a F-bomb past the censors after the final whistle.

Nevertheless, Boldin had the single biggest play of the game, a third down catch to extend a Baltimore drive when the Niners were on the verge of taking control. Flacco audibled to that play and that’s worth praise, but that the play worked was all Boldin. He outmuscled Carlos Rogers, who defended the pass near perfectly, to make the catch. Baltimore may have only gotten a field goal out of the drive, but if Boldin didn’t make that catch, it’s hard to see the Ravens winning.

The Jeff George Memorial Least for Super Bowl XLVII is Chris Culliver, who first made a name for himself during Super Bowl week with homophobic comments against the sweet stuff of gay teammates. During the game itself, he and Donte Whitner were huge liabilities in the San Francisco secondary. Beyond all the times he was abused on key receptions, Culliver committed a flagrant pass interference penalty on the first third down on the drive where Boldin later made his huge catch. So without Culliver’s leastiness, there might not have been Boldin’s meastiness. Have fun drafting a ton of DBs, San Francisco.

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