Meast and Least for Week 10

11.13.12 5 years ago 41 Comments

One of the more welcome developments of this season has been the ascendance of’s Around the League site. It’s not without its faults, but for the most part, it’s informative, timely and comprehensive. Most importantly, it has made Mike Florio obsolete. A towering achievement if ever there was one.

Not that Florio himself has ever been particularly essential, but his site has been useful in the past. The concept of PFT, aggregating the reporting of others, isn’t the most noble contribution to society, but Florio was, to his credit, dogged about getting other people’s scoops on his site as quickly as possible. For a while, it has a handy storehouse of breaking news for people too lazy to go looking in several places for it.

The problem was that said reporting was accompanied by Florio’s abundance of bullshit and opinions calculated to produce the most outrage. As PFT’s audience began to grow, a reader could sense that Florio thought he could shape public perception with his views, which is hilarious in concept but maddening in execution. That’s a thing of the past. Now, no one needs to be trolled by Florio because everything that was once useful about PFT exists in Around the League, only with far less nonsense.

Granted, it’s not like Florio is going away. He’s in the process of expanding his empire of unwatchable blathering to cable TV, the medium best suited for it. He has his own show on NBC’s sports network. I watched it once. It’s completely useless. The point is no one needs Florio for anything anymore. Only when his trolling manages to transcend its usual avenues – as with the Charles Tillman baby story – will most fans even still be aware he exists. Oh, and I suppose during Sunday Night Football. But when the late afternoon games go long, you don’t even have to sit through that. Rams-49ers went so long, it overlapped almost all of “Football Night in America.” It was delightful.

In fact, the only thing Florio-related that I would ever recommend looking at is the very inspired Twitter feed @PFTCommenter, a pitch perfect send-up of PFT’s mouthbreathing demographic.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast for Week 10 is Adrian Peterson, who rushed for 171 yards, including a 61-yard put-away touchdown, in the Vikings win over the Lions. Purple Jesus is a prime candidate for MVP so far this season and Purple God willing, he’ll take it because I don’t think I could deal with another one for Peyton Manning.

/remembers MVP is awarded by vote of asshole sportswriters
//resigns self for another Pey-Pey MVP

Also receiving consideration: Calvin Johnson, Andy Dalton, Justin Houston, Danny Amendola

The Jeff George Memorial Least for Week 10 is Philip Rivers, who had an otherwise fine outing in Tampa Bay if you discount those two killer interceptions he threw in the second half. But if you did that, not only would you be doing a pointless thing, but you’d be discounting why Marmalard is this week’s Least. And we can’t have that. That said, Rivers needs to stop derping so aggressively lest someone dares suggest that it’s not Norv’s fault that team sucks.

Also receiving consideration: King Dunlap, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bears training staff

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