Meast and Least for Week 13

12.04.12 5 years ago 53 Comments

Every time I turn on NFL Network and see Randy Moss The Reporter, I feel like I’m being trolled. The effect is even worse on Twitter, when some NFL-related feed tweets something like “Randy Moss reports that Randall Cobb suffered a setback in practice, status in doubt for Sunday”. I’m instantly taken aback, wondering, “How did Randy Moss get that story? He’s not on the Packers! There’s tampering afoot!!!” Then I remember it’s this dude and I feel dumb. Possibly because I’ve made that mistake a couple times now. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never get used to it.

After a cursory Google search, I found that Moss has been at NFL Network since 2008. That can’t possible be true. I watch way too much football programming on TV to never have heard of him before this season. Either way, it’s confusing for me and I’m sure his life is pretty much like that guy in the Michael Jordan ESPN commercial. Change it already, person who can’t help that he got the same name as a celebrity that he covers.

The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast for Week 13 is Romeo Crennel. Romeo isn’t a good head coach. In fact, there’s little chance he holds his job after this season, which sucks for him, but I’m sure he’ll be hired as a defensive coordinator for the 800th time soon thereafter. And that’s fine. He’s perfectly capable in that role. And it must be said that Crennel was awfully Measty this week. The man watched one of his players shoot himself in the head then coached his team to a victory the next day. Pretty damn impressive. He may never be a head coach again, but he did one thing not every coach could do.

Also receiving consideration: William Moore, Kerry Rhodes, Adrian Peterson, Russell Wilson

The Jeff George Memorial Least of Week 13 is Drew Brees, who had a truly Jeff Georgian outing last Thursday night in Atlanta, throwing five interceptions while not passing for a touchdown for the first time in 55 games. Granted, had Lance Moore held on to a easy catch in the end zone, the streak would still be alive, but I can’t feel that bad for Brees given that he was forcing passes in to traffic throughout a game against a division rival that the Saints had to win to stay in the playoff race. WHY HATH BREESUS FORSAKEN HIS JOB!

Also receiving consideration: Cam Cameron, Mark Sanchez, Emmanuel Sanders, Jake Locker

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