Meast and Least for Week 13

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The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast for Week 13 is Josh Gordon, who had 10 catches for 261 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday. Yes, it came in a losing effort and against the Jaguars, but it’s the mark of meastiness for a receiver to post nearly 500 yards and three touchdowns in two games with mostly Brandon Weeden throwing him the ball. The Browns may be a waste, but at least Gordon’s explosion of output didn’t come after the team shipped him away for a draft pick. That’s about all the consolation Cleveland gets these days.

Also considered: Eric Decker, Adrian Peterson, Alshon Jeffrey, Justin Tuck, Russell Wilson, Trent Cole

The Jeff George Memorial Least for Week 13 is Jeff Triplette, who continues to set himself apart as the most inept of NFL lead officials yet will never go away. In the wake of the screwup that happened late in the Sunday night game that threw an unnecessary panic and confusion into the Redskins’ attempted game-tying drive, the NFL and Triplette himself place the blame for the incident on head linesman Phil McKinnely. The linesman may very well be at fault, but it was a mistake that was easily correctable at the time. The reasoning that a delay to correct the call would have given Washington an undue advantage ignores the officials giving the Giants an even larger advantage by throwing the Redskins sideline into chaos.

Also considered: Pierre Garcon, Mike Tomlin, Robbie Gould, Geno Smith, Packers O-line

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