Meast and Least for Week 5

10.08.13 4 years ago 40 Comments

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The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast for Week 5 is Ravens linebacker and occasional conspiracy theorist Terrell Suggs, who has three sacks on Sunday against the Dolphins, all in the fourth quarter. Two of them came on a late Dolphins drive with the game still tied. Suggs just brings home the sacks, it seems:

“May wife, she told me to, ‘Bring mama home three sacks. It was the fourth quarter and I was like, ‘All right, it’s time to get going. Mama said she wanted three, so I’m going to get three.”

Also receiving consideration: T.Y. Hilton, Julius Thomas, Tramaine Brock, Geno Smith


The Jeff George Memorial Least for Week 5 is Matt Schaub who piloted an absolutely listless Texans offense in a 34-3 loss in San Francisco. Schaub had three interceptions, including an NFL record pick-six for a fourth straight game. He was benched for T.J. Yates in the second half and appears to be on the verge of losing his job permanently.


Not sure what’s most amusing about this Photoshop – that Houston fans have turned on their QB or they thought they had a Super Bowl window in the first place.

Also receiving consideration: Cam Newton, Aaron Williams, Giants defense

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