The Meastiest Hits You’ll See All Day

08.16.06 11 years ago 23 Comments

There’s no real point to this post, other than to push Brett Favre’s stupid mug further down the page and away from our memory.

Courtesy of YouTube, we have a history of the NFL’s most vicious hits, many of them stemming back to the olden days back when men were men, sedans guzzled gas, and the NFL didn’t have any pussy rules against spearing or helmet-to-helmet hits. You know, the game was so much better before the League pretended to care about the long-term health of its players/started paying star quarterbacks more than public school teachers/adopted the forward pass. Because if former players who have become commentators have taught me anything, it’s that the past is always better.

Personally, I like how this clip is set to the dulcet tones of Prodigy. You just know that after a big hit, Sean Taylor tells opponents, “I am the fire starter!” He’s not kidding, either. Before every home game he drives up to Baltimore and sets a warehouse on fire. And he doesn’t care who’s inside.

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