Meet The Guy Using Selfies To Try To Get Out Of Paying Taxes

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irs selfie


Andrew Jarvis is an architect who has to split his time between New York City and Philadelphia. The problem, for Andrew, is that he has to prove to the state of New York that he lives there less than 182 days of the year for tax purposes. So he’s doing it the modern way: With selfies.

It’s the subject of Ann Jarvis’ rather hilarious Instagram feed Internal Revenue Selfies. She found the photos on her father’s camera and has been uploading the best ones on a regular basis. Needless to say, taking photos of yourself with a newspaper over and over again got a little boring, and Andrew started to have a little fun with it. Such as this tuxedo shot:

Or a shot all too familiar to those shoveling out from the winter:

It’s unclear whether A) this worked or B) whether Andrew Jarvis will keep doing it or just make the IRS try and prove he lives in New York like everyone else. That said, we’re hoping this sticks around, if for no other reason than we hope he takes one with the family corgi.

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