Meet Your New Favorite Puppy: A Blind Golden Retriever Named Ray Charles

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05.23.13 14 Comments

WHAT. Are you telling me that there’s an adorable blind golden retriever out there named Ray Charles?

Hi! Im Ray Charles a golden retriever that was born blind on December 8, 2012. I am one of 5 puppies that survived in the litter my mom had, and the only male. I wasn’t running around and playing with my
sisters as I should have been and my breeder didn’t know why, so she took me to the vet and found out I was born blind. My life then became a waiting game as to if I was ever going to find a home or not. Luckily my dad
found out about me before it was too late, and saved my life! I now live in Boston Massachusetts in an awesome house and have 2 big brothers Harley and Jack and a big sister Maggie! I can run, jump, and play just like any other dog that can see does, so don’t feel sorry for me!

I love to make people happpy and smile and bring joy to everyone around me! (Via)

That’s exactly what I’m telling you. Brb, working on a “Georgia on My Mind” parody called “Puppy on My Mind.”

Follow-up song: “I Don’t Need No Doctor, I Got a Dog-tor.”

(Via BuzzFeed) (Via Ray Charles’s Facebook)

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