Mel Gibson Directing “Chosen” Will Never Happen, But Should

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I freely admit, I’m not really much of a fan of Mark Millar. I think he relies on shock value way, way too much, and his characters tend to be obnoxious and unsympathetic. Although occasionally, I do see why the guy is so popular, with books like “Ultimate X-Men” and “Chosen”, which, aside from a twist that might as well be embossed into the front cover, is actually a pretty interesting and well-handled take on religion. Yeah, he’s still trying to shock the audience, but for once, he’s not using it as a crutch. Millar fanboys seem to think it’s amazing, which it isn’t, but it is worth reading.

And apparently Mark Millar pitched it to…Mel Gibson.

Leave aside for the moment that Gibson’s career is over; between his latest cute little discussion of black people and his previously stated opinion of Jews, nobody will work with the guy. He’s clearly at least a huge racist and at worst using his vast fortune to protect himself from any sort of mental health care.

Because aside from that, it actually makes sense. If you watched “The Passion of the Christ”, the most effective moments in the movie are actually the ones featuring Judas and Satan. They’re creepy, uncomfortable, disturbing. Similarly, the best moments in the uneven “Apocalypto” are the displays of societal decay and the death the culture it depicts is soaked in.

In other words, Mel Gibson would have made a great horror director, and “Chosen” would have been right up his alley.

Apparently, Gibson declined, but who knows? He might change his mind. He’s nuts, after all.

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