Guys, Do Not Hit On Models If You're Married, Especially If She's Live Tweeting The Encounter

06.08.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

REAL TALK: guys (and gals), if you’re in a relationship or married, don’t flirt with other people, even if they’re extremely attractive models. Especially if you have a kid. But ESPECIALLY if said attractive model is live tweeting your feeble attempts at getting into her pants to her 26K followers.
That’s exactly what happened to actor Brian Presley (you may not remember him from an episode of “Beverly Hills 90210” that aired in 1998), who was trying to hit on model Melissa Stetten while sitting next to her on a flight on Wednesday. In his words, they were brought together by “divine interception”; in hers, “Holy sh*t, Brian came back from the bathroom WITHOUT his wedding ring on!”
The Twitter transcript was put on Tumblr user I’m Pretty When I Lie, and now Brian’s a bigger star than he was when he played Det. Barney Balentine in Streets of Blood – he also claims the conversation never happened. Either way, anyone who uses the word “collabo” is a total douche. Here are Melissa’s tweets, as well as Brian’s Facebook response.
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