Meme Watch: Freelancer Fred Is A Guy We Know All Too Well


Ah, the freelance life. The seemingly never-ending cycle of fighting for gigs, fighting to execute said gigs whatever they may involve, and finally — and this is ALWAYS the most difficult hurdle to overcome — actually getting paid for that gig. What’s not to love in that?
Wait, what’s that — you’re a multi-million dollar, global media company but you wait 90-120 days after publication to issue checks? Sure, no problem. Sounds perfectly reasonable and totally logical to me. Cutting checks is an arduous task, what with all the printing things out and stamping a signature on them and all. Besides, who doesn’t love scraping up coins to pour into a Coinstar machine in order to stock up on canned ravioli and ramen noodles? (Can you tell that maybe I freelanced a bit once upon a time?)
Anyway, if you’ve freelanced at any point in your life, and chances are in the modern American economy you have, I think the Freelancer Fred meme will hit close to home — perhaps a little too close, even. I found it to be disturbingly spot-on, proving one again that the internet’s collective mind is eerily sharp.
Look, we’ve all been there, so let’s help each other get through the pain with a good laugh, shall we?

(Quickmeme via Slacktory)

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