Meme Watch: Insanity Puppy Will Eat Your Soul

Senior Writer

There’s not a moment more special in a person’s life than the day that he picks up his first puppy. Well, except maybe the day that Scarlett Johansson’s phone is hacked (Google it, you won’t be disappointed), but getting a puppy is pretty high up there, too. Regardless, there’s a wonderful innocence that comes with adopting or buying (but hopefully adopting) a puppy, as those little furballs are just so full of unfiltered joy, wonder, and an unending eagerness to please their new best friends. But alas, all is not always sunshine and rainbows when it comes to new pooch pals.
Enter: Insanity Puppy, a harrowing reminder that there is evil in this world, and that it can often come packaged in even the most adorable widdle faces and ears. For instance, when I first brought home my beloved pooch, she chewed up my entire stack of Playboy magazines. Little did I know that the puppy I adopted was a feminist.
Anyway, a wee gallery of the best of this meme is after the jump.

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