Meme Watch: Oblivious Suburban Mom, More Like Oblivious Suburban MILF, Amirite?

Editorial Director
12.01.11 2 Comments

I wasn’t going to cover the Oblivious Suburban Mom meme because it didn’t really hit as close to home like some of the recent similar memes of the college variety. You know, cause I grew up in the streets. Just kidding, I just never smoked weed or looked at internet porn in high school. OK, those are lies too. I guess my mom just wasn’t all that oblivious.
But the internets seem to be enjoying the macro of this milftacular lady surrounded by text that suggests she is completely clueless so who am I to pass it up? Besides, I’m digging the Trish Helfer vibe she’s putting out. Where were her kids when I was in school? Washing their own socks, that’s where.
Sources: Know Your Meme & Quickmeme

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