Metal Gear Solid

08.05.08 9 years ago 36 Comments


Video games have ruled the world since the turn into the ’90s. With so many systems and so many titles to choose from, much like music, one can find it hard to keep up with the options. But also like music, there’s always a crowned being that reigns supreme. Some say Mario, or Sonic, or even Link from Zelda. But in 1998, the new ruler was Solid Snake.

Metal Gear Solid was the first video game of its kind: highly graphical, Hollywood-like cinematics, multimillion-dollar soundtrack and voice actor-supported. With an epic plot like those of James Bond films and a Japanese anime, this game had action and a gripping storyline. Just like Life After Death, it was a double-disc set and sold 10-15 million copies. But unlike B.I.G., this game lived on to have 4 parts of video game bliss, with several ports and expansions, (mixtapes, if you will.)

In MGS, Solid Snake looked like Kurt Russell, had a purple headband like Donatello and that raspy voice DMX has been trying to master for years. With an arsenal that would make T.I. drool, Snake packed heat and specialized in hand-to-hand combat. The ladies loved Snake in this game too. Actually, every female in the game came on to him in some fashion, whether intimate or lethal. And he still didn’t take none from no one — withstanding torture, taking down a tank with a SOCOM pistol and 1 grenade, murking out his rebel/evil twin brother and his posse, and saving the world from a nuclear strike. You wanted to be Snake.

Classic video games are rare, as are classic Hip-Hop albums. For 1998, and most of 1999, no games mattered more than Metal Gear Solid. The game served you everything you wanted in games at that time: violence, action, cursing, drama, sex. What does that remind you of? Our music. It’s pure entertainment. Ten years strong and it’s still one of the best around.

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