Remember When Method Man And Ricky Watters Appeared On Yo! MTV Raps Promoting ‘NFL Jams’?

04.25.14 3 years ago 4 Comments

Sports and music. The two forms of entertainment bonded by the hip because, as Drake noted years ago, “We wanna be them, and they wanna be us.”

Look no further for proof by traveling back in time to the long-since forgotten NFL Jams album. The concept paired musicians like AZ, Donell Jones and Pharcyde alongside pros like Andre Rison, William Floyd and Raghib Ismail.

In promotion of the album, the Philadelphia Eagles’ Ricky Watters, producer Tru Master and Method Man appeared on Yo! MTV Raps. The result? Try equal parts awkward, hilarious and WTF. From Master revealing his history of beat making, Meth’s over-exaggeration of everything and forgetting the name of the album to Ricky’s outrageous ensemble, we’ve got ourselves a gem, folks.

And since I’m sure everyone’s dying to hear the collaboration, “It’s In The Game,” look no further.

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