MGM Wants Captain Kirk To Play RoboCop?

07.13.11 6 years ago

Twitchfilm reports MGM has chosen the actor they’d like to cast as RoboCop in the remake, although the casting isn’t official and director Jose Padilha (of the awesome Elite Squad 2) may not have approved MGM’s suggestion yet.  Nonetheless, Twitch says MGM wants Chris Pine to play Old Detroit’s coolest cyborg.

If this pans out then it will represent a dramatic shift in the character. At the age of 30 Pine is a full decade younger than Peter Weller was when he first took on the role and much more a heart-throb movie star than Weller ever was. You put Pine into a movie when you want to attract a young female audience – an audience that Paul Verhoeven didn’t give a rat’s ass about in the 1987 original, which is part of what made the film great. [Twitch]

It’s a good point.  Does anybody really expect RoboCop to be young and pretty?  It’s also going to be hard for them to top the Sweded version of RoboCop from earlier this week, but I’ve just storyboarded a scene that could turn a Chris Pine RoboCop into the greatest thing ever:

Why yes, he does have the same facial expression in both pictures.

[Photoshops based on “RoboCop on a Unicorn” by Olav Rokne]

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