Yep, That’s The Miami Heat Doing The Harlem Shake

02.28.13 5 years ago 27 Comments

Chris Bosh Miami Heat Harlem Shake

It’s not the Super Bowl Shuffle, but the Miami Heat are just going to rock out anyway. Having some down time in between games, the team you love to hate couldn’t avoid the “Harlem Shake” disease that’s sweeping the nation. The video speaks for itself, so go ahead and click play and bask in the awesomeness.

These are the type of hijinks you get into when you’re on a 12-game winning streak. You could hate. But it’s more fun not to.*

Mario Chalmers Harlem Shake

* – The “they don’t take the game seriously which is why I can never respect them” comments coming in T-Minus 5,4,3,2…

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