100-Word Review: Mic Terror’s ‘Fresh Prince Of Darkness’

03.30.14 4 years ago

Mic Terror Fresh Prince of Darkenss

Despite what the title could imply, Fresh Prince Of Darkness is not a concept album. Not quite, anyways: a sinister blend of fresh lyricism and beats that range from foreboding to funky elevate the 16-track LP to something that a broad audience should relate to. Which is, obviously, a complement, but at times it’s hard to picture the complete vision here. Mic definitely has the talent to drop something more substantial – his flow is as effortless as the confidence of every cool kid you ever knew in high school – but next time out, let’s get some more continuity than a handful of somber spoken-word skits to begin and end the tracks.

Songs to Listen To: “Strapped Up”, “15 Minutes”
Songs to Skip: “ABK”

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