Michael Jackson Accused Of “Childhood Sexual Abuse,” Alleged Victim Sues Estate

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05.08.13 32 Comments

Famous choreographer Wade Robson is suing and seeking monetary damages from the Michael Jackson Estate, claiming to have been molested by the icon when he was a child. The choreographer’s lawyer filed the legal documents under seal, preventing the information contained inside from being made public. However, according to reports, the complaint specifically names Jackson as Robson’s childhood sexual abuser. Reportedly, the documents also include an affidavit from a “leading” child psychiatrist who treated Robson.

Wade, now 30, met Jackson when he was just five years old and over the course of 10 years he attended numerous sleepovers at Jackson’s famous Neverland Ranch home in California. In what will prove to be a strange twist, Wade testified for Jackson’s defense in 2005 during the singer’s second child molestation case and denied being molested by the icon. During that same trial, Jackson’s former housekeeper, Blanca Francia, testified that she witnessed Jackson in the shower with a then eight or nine year old Robson. According to Robson, who also testified during the 1993 trial, repressed memories is what prevented him from speaking up during the last 20 years.

Lawyers for the Jackson Estate have denied the charges, calling them “outrageous and pathetic.”

The Michael Jackson Estate is currently embroiled in a $40 billion wrongful death legal battle with concert promoter AEG Live.

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