A Quaint Little Fixer-Upper…

02.17.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

Ahhhh… breathe in that silty Michigan air wafting from slush-covered cement, finely dusted by salt, with a lilt tough enough to peel auto paint to the primer. Hello, Mittenssippi.

Now that I’m settling back into my stomping grounds, the primary concern is to get out of my parent’s Sophomore-year instated curfew of midnight and find my own place. As Pop and I begin the house hunt for a 1930s Craftsman-style bungalow fixer-upper in my price range, my thoughts gravitate back to the one piece of Southeast Michigan property I’d really like to buy and restore.

The Michigan Central Station train depot. A monolith of forgotten beauty, rotted out from within and near-offensively lined with a manicured lawn, like an ornate chamber pot set on a doily.

For a mere $300 million, this gorgeous, gently-loved structure could be yours and flipped to sell with a little common TLC. Detroit city police threatened to take it over and make it the main headquarters a few years back, but, with that deal dead in the water, you and I and just 298 million of our closest friends holding a dollar could turn this bad boy into a casino or a green technology plant or, shoot, my new home.

Now, I’m not saying I need a lot of space — a 3 bd, 1.5 bth will suffice — but I’ll be gosh darned if there isn’t prime real estate in Detroit that desperately craves my love and attention. Granted, Michigan Central is removed from downtown by a swath of burnt-out Corktown, and it does serve ably as a lovely backdrop for dilapidation in movies like Transformers, but it irks me to the core every time I see a new glass-and-steal severe structure erected in any urban setting when every major city has old beauties like this that could add to a cityscape’s character far better if renovated properly.

On account of architecture and design have pervaded my interests as of late, I was hoping some of you would share buildings with me from your area that have always held your attention. I know talking about real estate is mad corny and adult, but let’s be honest; it’s the only “swag” worth bragging about. I’d be willing to bet Cash-4-Gold paid for its Super Bowl commercial with stolen rapper chains…

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