'Blue Screen Of Death' Steps Its Game Up: If Microsoft Made Google Glasses

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A couple days ago, Cajun Boy introduced us to the Google-produced video about their once-secret Project Glass. These augmented reality glasses aren’t for sale yet, but Google will be testing them out in public. We have doubts that they actually work as well as the version in Google’s video, and we’re not alone in our skepticism.

YouTuber Vlakkeland seems to share our skepticism about the concept behind Project Glass. He made the first video below to demonstrate a version of the glasses running on the Windows operating system, as used by the loudest banana eater in the world. As a bonus, we also have two more parodies you may have spotted on Gamma Squad earlier. They’re titled “Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself” and “ADmented Reality.”

Oh man, I can’t wait to have the latest information about new products in my area beamed directly into my corneas shortly before I get hit by a bus. Hurry up, Google, make a humble blogger’s dream come true!





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