Might As Well Have Replaced Them With Lucite Dongs

03.02.10 8 years ago 52 Comments


Oh dear God, no! Without warning, the NFL changed the conference title trophies into decapitated versions of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. And they altered the design of the playoff logos to reflect their new shiny abortion (as opposed to the more bargain price matte abortion). Why they felt the need for a change is beyond me, but it’s part of a raft of similarly uninspired minor aesthetic tweaks that the Uni Watch Blog is as horrified by as we are.

Look, NFL. Whoever you consult about design issues, just kill them right now. Uniform changes are almost always horrible. Ditto any non-jersey piece of merchandise the league puts out. I thought they’d have the sense to stay away from trophies and longstanding things of that nature, but apparently not. See, this is what happens when you let Tony Dungy scare all the gays away. They would never have let this happen.

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