Mike Florio Butchered Latin. What Did You Ever Do?

03.12.12 6 years ago 32 Comments

Buried deep within a run-of-the-mill PFT guesswork exercise this morning about how an unsuspecting desperate team might end up signing Peyton Manning without having the opportunity to judge his current arm strength is quite possibly the Florio line to end all Florio lines.

Brace yourselves:

Fewer and fewer people know Latin these days, but “caveat emptor” doesn’t refer to a place where a bear used to live.

Good one, Floors.

Forgive us, law-talking guys, for not being the erudite knowers of the handful of common Latin phrases that frequently crop up in your line of work. “Stare decisis”? You want me to stare at my sister’s what now? “Sic transit gloria”? Well, if she’s feeling so dang sick, get her off the train. Lucky for us, people like KNOWN LAWYER Mike Florio are there to puncture our ignorance with only the gentlest of terrible jokes.

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