Mike Posner – “Heaven”

12.15.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Reactions to the tragic events yesterday in CT were across the board. News facets were knee-jerk. The general public was broken, yet still somehow argumentative. Pop culture halted for the day and sadness reigned supreme. Yet, out of the confusion, there were those that did what they could to expedite a healing process that will likely never end. Earlier this afternoon, Mike Posner sent over an email with the song and message below.

Hey guys…I wanted to do SOMETHING for the victims’ families and I didn’t really know what else to do. Writing songs is pretty much the only thing I’m any good at so I hope you’ll share this as you see fit.

Since we feel pretty much the exact same way and aren’t nearly as good behind a microphone, we’re pleased to oblige.

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