Watch Mike Tyson’s ‘Undisputed Truth’ Trailer

10.21.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

It’s still on my bucket list to one day chop it up with Mike Tyson. That and I’m continuing to kick myself for not being able to attend his Undispusted Truth one-man show in New York last year. Thankfully, Kid Dynamite and Spike Lee are turning it into a movie.

Tyson’s truly lived a life anyone could write a book on, but hearing the story from the horse’s mouth in the flesh adds a different dynamic. The premise of the show is simple, but also multi-layered. From impoverished beginnings in Brooklyn, ascending to heights the boxing world had never seen, Don King, his fall from grace and everything in between, Mike lays everything on front street. In 2012, The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck described the experience as “weirdly fascinating, and actually in keeping with a long tradition of pugilists retreating to the stage after their fighting days are over.”

Undisputed airs Nov. 16 on HBO at 8 p.m.

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