Mike Vick Injured, Death And Taxes Doing Ok Also

10.06.13 4 years ago 6 Comments


During (insert weeks) contest verse the (insert team name here), scrambling Quarterback/convicted dogfighter and roll model to Marcus Vick got hurt again because he was trying to play professional football. Even though Vick wasnt technically running a read-option on the play in question, you could tell he was almost wishing that he was at the time. So the big question becomes, “Is the read option to dangerous to run in the NFL?” and the answers a resounding “definitely.”

Whether its his hamstring or a lighting a case of CVS brand Sudafed on fire, Vicks always tweaking something and Im looking smarter and smarter for having his left leg in my celebrity death pool. He grabbed at his hammy (almost looked like he was grabbing his butt FYI) after making another highlight reel scramble against the New York Giants. He tried to stay in the game (probably for contract reasons), but letting Mike Vick play in a football game where he can’t run is like casting Sasha Grey in a movie after she gets her jaw wired shut IMO. The Eagles offence is now the the capable hands and mind of Nick Foles, with Barkley aka the “Round Mound of First Down” backing him up, with Eli Manning continuing to do this:


Image via SI

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