Mild Depressant…

08.03.08 9 years ago 23 Comments

When it comes to my Hip-Hop, I can be a bit of a stickler at times.  Especially when dealing with disappointments.  Case in point: I’m the fan who throws CDs out the window.  Its my own personal “fuck you” to an artist who betrayed my trust after I distinctly went out of my way to purchase their p.o.s…

And Earl got me with a whammy in 2001.

I’ll never forget the blanket of nostalgia that overtook me first time I heard “You Could Be Blind.” For a then-unreleased track, it had me yearning to here X’s incoherence over Swizz’s Casio guitar effects.  And no knock on Mashonda’s performance but had that been Aaliyah (which I thought it was at the time), the song probably would have been huge.

And then there was X the rest of the album…

If you haven’t guessed it, TGD was to my music littering habit. I mean track 11 was called “Number 11.” Ever wonder why Bloodline Records never earn respect like the Ruff Ryders? Listen to “Bloodline Anthem.”  And don’t ask me why I also love “Trina Moe” because I don’t know what that means and I’m sure the lot of you will disagree, which is fine.

Sure it may have a had a few other cuts worthy of consumption but go to any of your local CD outlet stores.  They’re guareented to have at least two of these bad boys — proping open the door.  Seems to me that they know like I know:

You Could Be Blind/Trina Moe > The Great Depression

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