The Minneapolis Tourism Board’s letter to the Super Bowl selection committee

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Earlier this week, the city of Minnesota officially submitted a bid to host Super Bowl LII to be held in 2018. They join New Orleans and Indianapolis as bid cities. The city last hosted the Super Bowl in 1992. Below, find the Minneapolis Tourism Board’s letter submitted with their official bid, an exclusive to KSK.

Hello there, NFL!

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Minny!



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As in Minneapolis. The Mini Apple. The smartest of the Twin Cities! (But don’t tell St. Paul that, LOL!)

We’re excited to submit the enclosed bid. Be sure to check out or official DVD which includes many of Minnesota’s famous natives, including Jessie “The Body” Ventura, Kevin Sorbo and Macguyver himself, Richard Dean Anderson! They have a lot to tell you about Minnesota and, specifically, Minneapolis and why we should host THE BIG GAME. :)


And we’d also like to introduce our official Bid Committee Spokesperson, Michele Bachmann!

Of course, you don’t have take just their word for it.

Minneapolis is home to a lot of great activities! And with the big game rolling around in February 2018, you’ll have lots of options of things for attending fans to do here! Sure, New Orleans may have Mardi Gras going on, but we have so much more!

Ice fishing!
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Snow blowing!

Dog throwing!
dogthrow (Photo via)

What fan wouldn’t want to spend Super Bowl week out on the beautiful crests of newfallen snow? Besides those activities, you may have heard we’re the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” It’s true! There’s plenty of fun to be had on boats across our many bodies of water. Just ask our official Fun o’ the Lakes ambassador!

Also, we have Prince!
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Unlike the other bid cities, we also have teams representing ALL FOUR major sports as well as several big college teams. Minnesota is where the sports are at!


We’re also the home of the youngest MLB manager to ever win a playoff game. The youth movement is in full swing here!

Also, Prince!

You’ll also find terrific infrastructure here in Minneapolis. We have, after all, hosted a Super Bowl before. Sure, Indianapolis’ Super Bowl went off without a hitch, but they just had it. And New Orleans? Of course, they’re a tourism town with a stadium built right on the edge of the French Quarter and thousands upon thousands of hotel rooms perfect for hosting large events. But remember that blackout? We assure you that sort of thing won’t happen here. We only build the best quality sporting venues in Minneapolis.

And what other city is so innovative that it creates a skyway system that makes it possible for people to never have to go outside during our cold and brutal winters that are not at all a reason to avoid holding a dead-of-winter event that requires outdoor space here in Minneapolis?

Speaking of innovation, you’ll love the Minneapolis airport and its bathroom stalls that have been updated to allow for appropriately wide stances.

Did you know that Minnesota has more golfers per capita than anywhere else? And we have those luscious courses to go along with the golfers! Granted, you won’t be able to see them in February 2018 because of the snow and ice that will be on top of them, but, hey feel free to watch during the summer!

And if you want to go to places nearby, cities like Fargo and Brainerd are a short drive away!
Fargo woodchipper

Did we mention Prince?
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In closing, we thank you for your consideration of our lovely city. With an average high temperature of 29 degree and an average low temperature of 13 degrees, along with an average of 7.8 inches of snow, our city may not top your list when thinking of Super Bowl Cities. But it’s all right there in our Super Bowl LII slogan:

Minneapolis: You gave it to Indianapolis, right? I mean… come on. Seriously. Indianapolis?

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