Now We Know Who Really Lost The Mistah Fab-DJ Mustard Fight

06.11.14 3 years ago 51 Comments
mistah fab dj mustard fight video 2


As long as everyone can dust themselves off and go home in anything but a body bag, there’s nothing wrong with losing a fight. The sh*t happens.

Which is why, in a weird way, I’m glad the ruckus between DJ Mustard and Mistah FAB only resulted in what it did. Sure, fights on stage aren’t exactly a great look for any party involved, but we’ve all seen things end way worse.

Prior to today, the general consensus was that FAB (or FAB’s people) laid hands on Mustard, took his chain and all sorts of things that hurt any Hip-Hopper’s ego and pride. Well, now we’ve got actual visual proof of what happened. And let’s just say it ended a bit different.

Some quick thoughts:

1. Remember that Jamie Foxx joke about “Bitchalisms?” Well, this was the real life personification of that. Only it didn’t end the way for Fabby the way it did for Jamie.

2. Why F.A.B. decided to throw a punch on the biggest dude in the vicinity has yet to be confirmed. Fab put on Batman boxers for courage and got knocked out of them.

3. The “YEET!” sound effect with the punch at :40…

Spits out water gif

4. Dude in the velvet top hat looks crazy as hell. I’m not fighting big buddy in the 400 shirt and I’m not fighting him, the Mac Mall doppelganger. He looks like he carries a razor under his tongue.

5. :59, when it seems like all of Compton is on Fabby at this point, he definitely could’ve used Marshawn Lynch right about now.

6. It should go without saying that I’m a fan of Fabby Davis, Jr. But this resulted about as well for him as it did when Martin “Raw Dog” Payne called out Tommy Hearns.

7. Random, but just imagine if video phones were around when Tupac was alive.

8. Mustard and YG’s video just got a tad bit funnier.

Again, let’s keep it at this. No need to get carried away with anything more serious. You had your WorldStar moment. Leave it at that.

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