Mistake by the Lake vs. Insidious Cosmic Joke by the Same Lake. WHO YA GOT?

12.14.07 10 years ago 16 Comments

It’s a battle for Lake Erie supremacy, dredging duties and wasted playoff berths as two surprising teams string their respective long-suffering fanbases along just a little longer. Who gets led down the garden path a little further to impending disappointment? Who bemoans fate louder? But more importantly, WHO YA GOT?


Cleveland Browns__________Buffalo Bills

Effect on local waterways

Becomes flammable___________Becomes sausage gravy

SI designated city nickname

Believeland_______Mark Ruffalo (PK picked that one)

Intimidates opponents with

Raffish disregard of defense________Frightening 289 photoshop

Reasons for inclusion of M.I.A. on 2007 best-of list

Looking open-minded_______Marv Levy likes that exotic ass

Favorite new word


What they’ll bring to the postseason

History of futility______History of humorous futility

Finishing move

They’re all witnesses_________They’re feral in their whiteness

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