MIT Builds a Cookiebot?

06.13.11 6 years ago

I live near MIT, I used to work near MIT’s campus, and aside from the museum of hideous architecture that is Vassar Street, it looks like a normal college campus. At least until you realize you just walked by a freaking nuclear science lab. I once shared a subway car with two graduate students arguing over the best way to weaponize squirrels. The bland/hideous facade hides some scary, scary stuff.
But for once, they’ve created something we can all get behind: a cookie-baking robot. Sure, there are some flaws: when it’s done with a container, it just drops it on the floor for what it probably assumes is some other robot to pick it up, and it has to wear a surgical smock so it doesn’t get covered in robot-destroying crud.
But it can really make cookies! While, apparently, rocking out. Check out the video: you’ll see what I mean.

[ via the robobakers at Automaton ]

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