The Start Of Your Ending: Mobb Deep Breaks Up On Twitter? Hav Calls Prodigy Gay?

04.10.12 6 years ago 70 Comments

Mondays tend to go in of two directions: extremely fast or slower than molasses. The rap world didn’t take long to get started this fine Monday morning when Mobb Deep’s Havoc sent Twitter into an uproar by calling his longtime friend, group member and PNC Prodigy gay. Unusual as hell, but nobody wanted to rush in because celebs, entertainers and athletes always fall victims to hackers and snooping, viscous exes who get into their accounts.

I was all “Nah, nah, thun thun. It had to be a hack, kiko” (which Havoc’s account asserts that it wasn’t) and expected the tweets to be deleted. The deletion didn’t happen and, in fact, they’re still up at the time of this writing. Yet, I was in disbelief or at least cautious about proceeding until Devi Dev tweeted “Sway text’d Havoc, asked if the tweets were real. Havoc responded back ‘Very Real.”

Let the record show that Dev and Tech are good, stand-up individuals. If they say that’s how it happened, I believe them. That said, the whole incident seems odd because…

1. Havoc doesn’t tweet much, but decide to use it today to air this material?

2. These two have been together since they were young rowdies. Been through beefs, label changes, P’s jail time and probably other situations we’re unaware of. But now P’s gay and Hav’s telling the world?

So, what happened? When Raj interviewed them a few weeks ago, the two seemed fine and P actually sounded at peace. I have the world’s worst/weakest gaydar and don’t really keep track of the gossip that well either. Right now, I feel like a bad parent who missed all the telltale signs that my kid was abusing crack and meth on the weekends.

The situation calls for not one, but two face ratings to the highest degree.

For good measure, here’s Prodigy saying there’s a future genre and fanbase for gay rappers. Make of that what you will.

Update: In a statement to Rap Radar, Hav claims to have left his phone at a gas station. According to Hav, everything is “business as usual! It’s Mobb Deep all day!!! My twitter account @THEREALHAVOC will be down until further notice. The only other real account is @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP. Ignore the rest. One!”

Update #2: On Tuesday morning, Havoc called into NY’s Power 105 to speak with The Breakfast Club, after they played a phone recording that sounded very much like Hav asserting everything previously said on Twitter in addition to saying that he smacked Prodigy at SXSW. During the call-in, Hav…well, listen and judge for yourself. S/O to YN for the audio rip.

Havoc Calls Power 105’s The Breakfast Club

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