The iPod Shuffle – Mobb Deep’s ‘Quiet Storm’

04.17.15 3 years ago 10 Comments

Looking back on Mobb Deep’s Murda Muzik, there’s lots to love. On top of Havoc and Prodigy keeping their standards up, you had Cormega and Kool G. Rap killing their guest spots, Alchemist getting his first production credits on a Mobb album, and Nas… at peak opulence. But every time I go back to the record, the original version of “Quiet Storm” gets a play.

Havoc’s sinister take of “White Lines” was the perfect backdrop for P’s Mobb-phonics. While Prodigy wanted this for his solo record, Havoc insisted that it be the first single for MM. P obliged, and we got this record as a lead single, while HNIC had its own lead banger.

So yeah, Kim killed it, Fab killed it, but push come to shove I’ll take Prodigy’s dolo version all day.

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