Moderately Attractive Friday Got You a Lump of Coal for Hannukkah

12.18.09 8 years ago 131 Comments

As Hannukkah comes to a close, we celebrate Moderately Attractive Friday with this picture of Natalie Portman (a Jew) playing a Hasidic Jew on the set of New York, I Love You. That’s double the Jew for your dollar! The Jews can certainly appreciate a deal like that.

Oh, what’s that? You’re disappointed with the lack of sexiness? Where’s Sexy Friday, you ask?

Sexy Friday will be back when our comments section is rid of dipshits and fucktards and people who don’t try to be funny. A small selection of this week’s most egregious transgressions:


Drave Says:

Well here ya go, asshole. You wanna see “Meh”? Here’s a fucking “meh” post for you: Hasidic women crossing the Williamsburg Bridge.

AGAIN: Commenting at KSK is a humor platform for you. Use it to entertain people. We don’t need or want whichever direction your thumb points, and we sure as fuck don’t need your comment if you can’t even summon the antipathy to put your thumb all the way down. GET FUCKED.

And from the mailbag. You know, the mailbag, where we talk about fantasy football and sex?

Monkey Business Says:
Considering there was no Thursday night thread, I feel obligated to post this:


That is all.

Listen, I understand that some people revel in being homers and trolls, but this is NOT a message board. Gloat away on your personal blog or Twitter or your fan forum of choice. You have many other, better platforms to share your drivel with the online world.

Monkey Business Says:
@Ocho Cinco Fan Club

The Saints and the Colts are like a Koenigsegg CCX and a Nissan GT-R. The CCX has the potential to smoke the GT-R, and on a track will blow the GT-R away. That being said, try driving a CCX under 80mph. It doesn’t work so well. It’s just not built for that. The GT-R won’t beat the CCX straight up. But, put it on a road course, or on the streets, and the GT-R comes out ahead. Sometimes, it’s better to be able to handle anything from 0-120 than 80-200. Trust me, the Saints haven’t seen anything like the Colts yet.

And this is why we DON’T generally ban people. Because some people are such incredibly retarded douchefucking cockweasels that it’s almost — almost — worth keeping them around just to hate an entire fan base we never really cared about before.

But we’d still  rather have Sexy Friday. So please, police your own.

See you Sunday. Enjoy your weekend.

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