Modern Warfare 3 Controversy, You Say? Lay It On Me! (Video)

11.10.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Smashing sales records is nothing new for the folks over at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Coincidentally, they’re also quite accustomed to people complaining about the amount of violence in their game series. If you recall, Modern Warfare 2 was fodder for concerned mothers everywhere when the game featured an optional mission entitled No Russian: where players accompany a terrorist cell that’s executing civilians inside of an airport. Not for nothing, I actually enjoyed that gaming mission. And now, with Modern Warfare 3 ripe on store shelves, of course it’s the perfect time for another set of concerned parents to wave their red flags. This time around, anxiousness arrises from a cutscene where players watch a young girl become one of the victims of a terrorist chemical attack; i.e. she’s skipping around in the street with her mother when all of a sudden there’s an explosion nearby (reminiscent to an extent of the infamous Dead Island trailer) . I mean, yes the girl is obviously involved in the terrorist attack, but it’s not like we’re watching Sub Zero freeze her head off or anything.

You can catch the footage in question after the jump, along with video from the aforementioned No Russian MW2 mission. Decide for yourself whether or not they’ve pushed the envelope too far:

Modern Warfare 3 – Chemical Attack:

Modern Warfare 2 – No Russian:


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