MODOK and Magneto Gameplay In Marvel vs Capcom 3

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*Runs into room pantsless* Check out MODOK!

Double entendres aside, more New York Comic-Con gameplay videos from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds have gone online. This time the newly-announced characters Magneto and MODOK get some screen time, and man does MODOK look silly when he kicks his little legs like a dog on an escalator.

Also mentioned at New York Comic-Con was the game’s Simple Mode.  That mode varies punches and kicks when you tap one button,does a small number of special moves when tapping another button, and does at least one super move when tapping a third button.  The full number of moves won’t be available in Simple Mode:

Dante from Devil May Cry has 40 special moves in standard Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and only four in simple mode. Dante has two supers in normal; one in simple mode. [Kotaku]

It’s also possible for a Simple Mode player to fight against someone not using it, meaning I could smash the controller against my forehead for two minutes and conceivably beat a player actually trying to do legit combo moves.  I will be trying this at home.

There are three videos below, and they’re epileptastic.  They might not pass the Harding Test, but I’m watching a couple more times to be sure . . . Why do I smell burnt toast?

[videos via SuperPunch]

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