Monika Ashley – “Pinocchio” Video

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11.08.13 13 Comments

monika ashley pinnochio video

Less than 15 seconds was all it took to fall for Monika Ashley. My guy Marcus posted a teaser clip for her “Pinocchio” video on his Instagram and I played it while sitting at a red light yesterday. Then, I played it again followed by a third rewind. And in those multiple plays, she captured my attention with her voice, looks and the quick glimpse of the styling that was going on.

Before I could even get home and get composed to send Marc an email, Chan sent out an email with a link to the full video premiere plus a short profile featuring Monika, which only reaffirms my beliefs that:

1. God works in some mysterious motherf**kin’ ways.

2. My circle of friends is filled with cool motherf**kers with excellent taste.

3. Those 15 seconds were followed up by a complete video that lived up to my expectations for Monika. Her soothing vocals melt the heart as she sings her story about a failed relationship, a song that vaguely puts me in the mind of Alanis’ “Sympathetic Character.” Why? I haven’t 100% determined just yet, but sometimes music is more about emotion than concrete facts. And when I hear and see “Pinocchio” play out before me, there’s no denying Monika’s ability to slowly pull you into her world.

Watch the clip below then click through to Chan’s house to get more from Monika.

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