01.28.10 8 years ago

ABOVE: Still don’t feel like writing about the Apple iPad.  Here’s the Apple iPie instead.

This link isn’t a phony. J.D. Salinger has died. [StarTribune]

This house is clear.  Zelda Rubinstein has also died. [TwitchFilm]

NBC bought the pilot for a one-hour legal drama from Conan O’Brien’s production company.  Hopefully Jay Leno isn’t selling any pilots for one-hour police procedurals. [WarmingGlow]

George Lucas is producing a CGI musical about fairies.  Haters gonna hate. [Filmdrunk]

We now live in a world where “Cobra: The Musical” exists.  It’s a great time to be alive. [ToplessRobot

An open letter to “The Sherminator” [Unreality]

The New Orleans Saints are going to play against the Twilight cast in a charity sports game.  Unfortunately, it’s a baseball game, not something full-contact.  [InsideMovies]

So, I guess I should start watching “Archer”. [InsideTV]

25 funny tombstones [HolyTaco]


  1. “Kaiju (Japanese rubber-suited monsters) in a large group auditioning to “Billie Jean” in front of a panel of Ultramen […] from the Japanese variety show called Mecha Mecha Iketeru!” [via SciFiSquad]
  2. Dinosaur ballet. [via Geekologie]
  3. Bill Gates table-dancing at Sundance: the remix. [via Buzzfeed]

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