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06.14.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

Kolb only resembles someone awesome

You know rock bottom of the NFL off-season is fast approaching when news of Kevin Kolb being booed on account of being Kevin Kolb by 15,000 Cardinals fans at a fan fest counts for standalone post fodder, but it is!

Who wasn’t booed at the event? John Skelton, who despite having worse passing stats than Kolb, exceeds the jowly one in the far more fan-friendly stat of “JUST GETTIN’ THEM DOUBLE-Us”. What’s great about the Cardinals is that, unlike the 49ers, they aren’t even bothering to lie about their obvious interest in landing Peyton Manning. Whisenhunt is basically, like, “Hey, we didn’t get him. It sucks. Now we just gotta muddle on for a while and try to pick up the pieces.”

Alas, poor Buzzsaw. Perhaps that brief taste of Kurt Warner competence will only haunt you all the more in the long run.

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