More Unofficial Transactions For Your Morning Perusal

07.27.11 6 years ago 64 Comments

McNabb to the Vikings is all but done. Donovan McNabb is likely all smiles this morning with the news that he’s heading to Minnesota in exchange for a late round draft pick. Will he find similar success that other retreads like Jeff George and Randall Cunningham found in Minnesota? Probably not, but Drew can always hope.

Update: McNabb wants the Vikings to throw him a parade or something.

Hasselbeck heads to Tennessee. I guess Matt didn’t invest his money as well as Mark Marc Bulger, because he’s coming back for some more punishment. Hasselbeck will step in as the starter, while Jake Locker will sit patiently until somebody breaks him in half. Meanwhile, the Seahawks filled their quarterback vacancy by snatching up former Viking Tarvaris Jackson. 307 million Americans and these are the quarterbacks we’re fighting over.

Nobody knows the rules. Tom Coughlin was scheduled to have a sit-down with former Giant Plaxico Burress sometime today. Unfortunately such a meeting violates the league’s “Transition Rules.” That means the meeting will have to be pushed back to Friday at 6 pm sharp. Plaxico should stroll in to Coughlin’s office at about 6:15. He can’t predict traffic, coach.

In other Redskins news… WHAT THE F*CK? Donte Stallworth? Jesus Christ. Did they sign him to a contract to play football or to kill Albert Haynesworth? The team has also agreed to a six year deal ($12.5 million guaranteed) with 4-3 defensive tackle Barry Cofield. Who cares if he may not be well suited to play on the interior of a three-man line, he can finish a conditioning test without taking a sh!t. The team also re-signed Santana Moss for three years with $6 million guaranteed. So that’s four unofficial moves for the Redskins, without signing an offensive lineman. Impressive work, guys. What’s that? An offer for Matt Leinart? Excuse me, I’m going to go scream at strangers for the next hour.

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