Who’s Your Daddy?

06.18.09 8 years ago 34 Comments

R.Kelly loved young girls. Michael Jackson loves young boys. Morgan Freeman loves his young family.

That’s right. Reportedly, the 72-year-old Freeman is supposedly piping his 27-year-old step-grand-daughter.

Feel free to gag uncontrollably.

“Myrna said E’dena told her that when she was a teenager, she and Morgan went to dinner at a friend’s house one evening. Both had been drinking and when they returned home Morgan attempted to have sex with her. They stopped just short of having intercourse,” a close family insider told The Enquirer.

Myrna confronted Morgan about the incident, but the undercover relationship continued and escalated.

E’Dena has been Morgan’s escort to several Hollywood events, including the premiere of “The Dark Knight.”

Now, I don’t have a daughter. But, I do have younger sisters, nieces, goddaughters, little cousins, and many mini-minions of the female persuasion that share my genes. I shudder at the thought of anyone from the generation above me reaching down and craddle-snatching them. There is such a diversity of options in the world, and so many beautiful young single women that he could be inappropriate with. For him to reportedly do it to his own kin goes against 99% of what I believe.

That 1% is the right to act stupid.

Report: Morgan Freeman Allegedly Had Affair With Step-Granddaughter E’Dena Hines [LAT]

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