Morris Chestnut Confirms Third ‘Best Man’ Movie Is On The Horizon

12.21.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

the best man holiday

Two quick thoughts before moving forward.

1. A movie buff I am not, but The Best Man Holiday was without question one of the better movies I’ve seen at a theater in a long, long time. “Race-themed” or not. The film was an emotional roller coaster and by the end it wasn’t an uncommon sight seeing people leave the theater with tears in their eyes from both laughter and sadness.

2. For anyone who saw the movie, hearing a third installment being on the way is anything but surprising.

One of the film’s stars (and my grandma’s favorite actor), Morris Chestnut, recently sat down with Jenny Boom Boom confirming writer/director Malcolm Lee is already at work on the script.

**SPOILER ALERT (so stop reading here if you’re waiting for family to get in town for the holidays to go see it)**

“[Malcom] has only told me about a few of the details for the movie… but I do not know who Terrence is gonna marry,” Chestnut said. “All I know is, it’s gonna be really interesting.”

The whole “…who Terrence is gonna marry” statement stems from Terrence Howard – the film’s funniest character by far – revealing his plans to get hitched. While I’ve got my own suspicions on who the (un)lucky lady could be, the positive in all this is that fans of the series shouldn’t have to wait another decade-and-a-half for the follow-up.

To date, TBMH has grossed nearly $70M while being shown in less than 1,000 theaters nationwide.

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