The iPod Shuffle – Mr. Bigg’s “Trial Time”

08.05.13 4 years ago 14 Comments


“The D.A. wanna see a nigga fry
Bringing n*ggas back from the pen to testify
Yeah I bought some guns from him
Yeah he sold me some dope
N*ggas telling on me that I never even seen before…”

All credit to my brother Kenny Masenda for the trip down memory lane when Mr. Bigg’s middle finger to the law anthem once lived on BET’s Uncut.

Reading this on a computer is much appreciated. But, please, please, please, do NOT under any circumstances judge this song based off computer speakers. The only way to truly appreciate what’s about to grace your eardrums is in the car with the volume set on its highest level possible. And if a few drinks are in the system, even better. Just make sure there’s a designated driver around.

The last thing needed is preparing for trial time while listening to “Trial Time.”

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