“Gimmie Some Of That Umm Umm Good…”

07.06.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

“…Meat falls off the bone.”

I’m not a biggest fan or user of the word pause… although it’s definitely in order after a phrase like that. Except it’s not the opening to the latest R. Kelly or The Dream song, but in fact the opening for Mr. Sprigg’s BBQ. Mr. Who? Mr. Sprigg’s of course, the best BBQ in Oklahoma.

Low budget videos with “urban” backdrops for food establishments must be a Midwest thing. First David D. hit us off with the Moo & Oink vid and then Trackstar sent me the link for this. I’m not sure whether “Sprigg’s Angels” behind the register or the BBQ lothario is funnier. But if I know that if I ever find myself in Oklahoma City I’ll be sure to stop by.

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