Ms. Parker On New ‘Friday’ Movie: “Don’t Go See It”

12.02.13 4 years ago 36 Comments

Everybody remembers Kathleen Bradley, even though they don’t know. See, most folks still call her Ms. Parker, the name of her fine ass character in the first Friday movie. However, Ms. Parker won’t be in the fourth film, currently titled Last Friday, and she told fans to keep their coins instead of checking out the flick.

“She was interviewed on the red carpet of an event where she talked about the flick “Last Friday” and how it will turn out despite a few of the actors from the original aren’t returning to the film. Bradley stated, ‘My fans are mad, they’re pissed off, as well as I am, so don’t go see it. It won’t be the same without Chris Tucker or myself.’”

All I know is the first Friday came out in 1995, aka a long ass time ago and it looks like, too. I mean, Ms. Parker didn’t have to be so ugly about it. Her statement, that is.

Anyways, let’s flashback to ’95, a prettier time.

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