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Dauvinee Damati

35 Uses Of Music On Vine [Music Alley]

Five Times We Tend to Overspend (and How To Stop) [Lifehacker]

Selena Gomez Will ‘Blossom’ Into ‘New J.Lo’ On New Album [MTV]

MTV Cancels ‘Buckwild’; ‘Buckwild’ Producer Craps All Over MTV [Warming Glow]

Here’s A Dad & His Daughters Dancing At The Stadium [Blippitt]

Think 3-D Printing Is Cool? Try 4-D [CNN]

Teen Girls Plead Not Guilty To Pimping [Urban Daily]

Letterman Grilled Lindsay Lohan, Made Her Cry [Warming Glow]

Let’s Tour Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard [Uproxx]

6 Reasons Kimye’s Baby Is Doomed [Giant Life]

R.I.P., Coachella Guantanamo Party [Grantland]

8 Ways To Skip Your Friends’ Stupid Sh*t Now That It’s Warm Out [College Humor]

20 Internet Celebrities You Won’t Remember in 10 Years [Complex]

Snoop Lion Teams With MTV For Anti-Gun Violence Campaign [HHW]

What We Can Learn From Cable’s Most Popular Show, “The Walking Dead” [AlterNet]

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