MySpace Records Is Titanic Bound

01.21.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Over the past the week, there have been numerous stories focusing on the reformatting going on over at the once-hyped MySpace Records. Now, according to Paste Magazine, it seems as if “restructuring” unfortunately means firing everybody and struggling to save face.

Surprise, friggin’ surprise.

In the midst of an industry-wide meltdown, MySpace Records gained steam on its name alone. Now, MySpace itself is a washed-up wasteland filled with porn, spam and people who still use AOL for email.  Now, the one-time ruler of online networking is on the outside looking in, as advanced imitations like Twitter and Facebook continually work their way towards world domination. So, how in the hell is Tom’s sputtering offshoot supposed to succeed when its benefactor is on life support? Sure as hell not with a flaming “rapper” who makes songs about his peen as their flagship artist.

Once a seemingly smart idea, MySpace Records is now barely worth keeping a cursory eye on, because at this point it’s not a matter of how it’s going to resuscitate itself, but when it’s going to flatline.

Seems like we’ve been down this road before.

Is MySpace Records Slowly Going Under? [Paste Magazine]

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