Najeh’s Dump Import

02.16.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

Welcome to what we hope will be the first of many installments of Najeh’s Dump Import. We scour the eBays for the latest NFL skinny because you don’t have time– what with your mounting credit card debt and that scorching case of herpes. As always, we will pretend to be interested in your comments (which is more than will do).

  • His self-esteem is Schott? According to Steve Czaban, Marty Schottenheimer has the confidence of an insecure twelve year old girl. (via Larry Brown Sports)
  • Prayers to Black Jesus answered? Michael Irvin may soon have a pink slip to go with his fat ties. (NY Post via Shanoff)
  • Speaking of Dan Shanoff , he delivers the state of the sports blogosphere in his interview with The Big Picture: him talk good, him have pretty wordhole.

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