The Name Is Tag…

01.25.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Unless you’re from Detroit, you’re probably not too familiar with Nametag. Shit, I am from there, and just discovered dude. I don’t get around as much I’d like to though, which makes it hard to keep up on the scene at times.

Anyways, my Rokits have been blasting this kid’s scorching hot new single, “The Product” for the past 20 minutes or so and I’m thoroughly impressed. Hoverboarding over Black Bethoven’s menacing mold of melodic chants and hangover-heavy claps, the 24-year-old shows his veteran status on the mic by effortlessly spewing out enunciated, inter-syllabic punchlines that would make Joe Lewis proud.

My catalog got wack artists pissed off/ like the Klan knowing the President is Black…” What I like most, however, is that instead of sticking to the typical, D-Boy ‘get money’ shtick or some overused Dilla affiliation, Tag is spraying his name up, down and around the Motor City by simply keeping his bars above par and his grind steady.

If you’re interested in hearing more from this new breed of Detroit MC, check out Nametag’s blog and Myspace to catch up on his catalog.

Then, you can download The Soul System EP when it drops in February.


Download — Nametag – “The Product” (Prod. By Black Bethoven)

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