Nas, Jonathan Levine Working On New TV Series Based On Rapper’s Early Career

02.12.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

nas new tv show

Nice things keep happening to Nas. He’s got the whole Harvard fellowship going on. Illmatic’s 20th anniversary is going to be greeted with an awesome-looking re-packaging, but that’s just the beginning. Per Deadline, Xbox Entertainment is joining forces with Nas’ camp and Jonathan Levine for Street Dreams, a half-hour television series loosely based on the rapper’s early trials and tribulations.

No word yet on who would play Nas’ character – or if the character will even be known as Nas – but, considering the names attached to the project, it’s a pretty safe bet to get excited. That excitement begins and ends with Levine, the New York-born writer and director has The Wackness under his belt. As far as ’90s period pieces go, it was a good movie that, if the tone was chilled out a bit (the sad notes were a bit too magnified, especially towards the end), could have been remembered as being great.

That movie came out six years ago, and Levine’s been very intentional with the rate that he releases projects since then (50/50 and Warm Bodies are the only features that the director has been credited with since). But, assuming he brings the same attention to detail and passion for the time period that we saw in The Wackness, Street Dreams could be an incredibly fitting tribute to one of the greatest rappers of all time.

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